We want our platform to be a fair-place marketplace for both buyers & sellers.

  1. Bathroom Essentials – 15 days
  2. Kitchen Essentials – 10 days
  3. Home Decor – 7 days
  4. Lifestyle – 7 days
  5. Lifestyle (Footwear) – 15 days

Some products might not have a full refund stated by the seller, and might have a replacement option. This is

All you have to do is email us at [email protected] by stating your Invoice Number and telling us you want to return the product.

We are just humans after all, and all we want is to get better at serving our customers. Feel free to share whatever the reason is – whether there was something unsatisfactory about the purchase or even if you just felt like returning cause you had a change of mind. We understand that our customers are humans too, and hope that they continue to shop with us!

For urgent matters you can call us at +91  9987283360


Once you have initiated contact for refund, we will get back to you within 24 working hours to assist you further

You can refund any items apart from lifestyle items,  home decor items and bathroom essentials.

In case of the above the is a full refund in case of damaged or misrepresented products. You need to call us directly at +91 9987283360 within 24 hours of the delivery to indicate defect or damage.

You will receive the refund/replacement within 7 working days after the product you sent back has reached us, in the manner it was packed.

We will guide you with the packing procedure to ensure it is well covered.

If the packaging does not contain original tags or is in soiled condition, we have to take a judgement call on whether we can issue a refund to you