Due to this pandemic, many housemaids have lost their jobs. These ladies are not only hardworking but are also always eager to learn new skills. Taking their helpless state into consideration, led Babitha Ma'am to think of ways to make them more skillful and hence launched a program called "BANO KAABIL"

It's an initiative for the women, with the women.

Babitha Karkera is a fibre artist and has created a range of products under this program along with these ladies .

Macrame is an art of knotting the threads.
All products are made from 100% cotton.
They have a wide range of products that you can choose from!

Their trinket line is perfect for you to adorn yourself with hairbands, earrings, bands, purses, pouches, key-chains and many more.

They also have an entire collection for your house, garden, workplace, vehicles with coasters, plant hangers, mirrors, wall hangings, etc.

And additionally, for the dog lovers, they have exclusively created Macrame Leashes.

Their products are designed in the mind, crafted with passion and delivered with love.

Your support will help the program "BANO KAABIL"

Make more housemaids "KAABIL"