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Those tomatoes bursting with juice, freshly picked from the garden. The sound of mum’s bangles as she would grind them into a fine paste. Childhood is nothing but a kaleidoscope of such memories.


And we have brought it back in this pot for you to relish. Spread it on your sandwich. Or have it as a finger hugging pickle. Or even as a dip with your favourite crispies.

It multitasks. Like mum.

Love. Red Tomatoes. Ginger. Garlic. Tamarind. Fenugreek Powder. Yellow Mustard Powder. Vinegar. Dry Red Chilly Paste & Powder. Salt. Mustard Oil

No colours, no artificial flavours. Made with love to store with love in a cool dry place.


mum made it

The purest of ingredients and lots of love. These original recipes are straight out of mum’s kitchen with a little improvisation here and there (with her permission ofcourse). Freshest of ingredients painstakingly sorted, patiently mixed and each food accent is lovingly created over many months. If love had a taste, we are pretty sure this is how it would be. From mum’s kitchen to yours, this is pure love (and a whole lot of indulgence) in a jar. We suggest you pick two because we know one would never be enough. mum made it has lovingly created, original food accents that can be enjoyed multi-way. Let us know how you enjoyed yours.
mummadeit - 150px

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