Aurous Chopping Board & Cutting Board


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Mirai Woods


This sleek design Aurous Chopping Board & Cutting Board is made in one of the finest woods – Steam Beech.

The best thing about this product is its size, which is – 15″ [L] X 11″[W] X 1″[H].

It allows you to perform multiple activities at the same time. Also, the slant shape given at two opposite sides helps you to lift it easily. As a cutting board plays a significant role in kitchen aesthetics, the artisan decided to give it a gold finish. For longer life of the cutting boards, use 3 coats of the best quality linseed oil monthly.

The word coming out of your mouth once you use this Chopping Board is, “Wow!”


Mirai Woods

Being roused by the adaptable, customary & since ages followed culture with the significance of handiwork culture, Mirai Woods has loved venturing into the universe of craftsmanship items to the local & global markets. Mirai Woods focuses on giving monetary upliftment to craftsmen that are associated with saving the legacy of the painstaking artisan industry in India
Mirai Woods