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This eco-friendly Coconut Soap Dispenser is a sustainable soap supplying device that not only adds a touch of nature to your bathroom but also reduces plastic waste. Crafted in India, this soap dispenser features a charming coconut shell exterior, making each piece unique and visually appealing. It’s not just a soap bottle; it’s a statement of eco-conscious living.

Designed to accommodate your favorite liquid soap, hand sanitizer, or lotion, our Coconut Soap Dispenser is a versatile addition to any space. The sustainable coconut shell complements modern and rustic decor alike, adding a touch of organic elegance.

By choosing this soap dispenser, you support sustainable practices and empower artisans in India. Our goal is to remove all the plastic from your house and make it closer to nature’s wonders, that too by giving them to you at competitive prices. You don’t have to spend ridiculously more unnecessarily just to make an eco-friendly choice.

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Sakhi Mahila Bachat Gat


This Coconut Soap Dispenser is a beacon of eco-friendliness, artistry, and empowerment. Handcrafted with precision and passion by Sakhi Mahila Bachat Gat, a women’s savings group in India, this soap dispenser transcends its utilitarian function to become a statement piece—a sustainable work of art that elevates any space.

India’s Rich Heritage Meets Modern Versatile Eco-Conscious Living

Find expression in our Coconut Soap Dispenser. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing the skills and artistry of talented women artisans.

Whether you’re looking for a liquid hand soap dispenser, sanitizer dispenser, or lotion dispenser, our versatile Coconut Soap Dispenser is up to the task. Its ergonomic design and robust build ensure that it dispenses your chosen soap or lotion reliably and efficiently.

This dispenser is not just a soap bottle; it’s a stylish accessory that adds character and charm to your space. Its natural beauty pairs effortlessly with a range of decor styles, from modern to bohemian and everything in between.

The Coconut Shell: Nature’s Gift to Your Home

Our soap dispenser’s outer layer is a celebration of nature’s elegance—the coconut shell. Sourced from renewable coconut palm trees, these shells possess an inherent beauty that is both unique and timeless. With their organic textures and earthy hues, they add an inviting touch of rustic charm to any setting.

When you choose our Coconut Soap Dispenser, you’re choosing a sustainable alternative to plastic dispensers. Not only does it reduce your environmental footprint, but it also introduces a touch of natural luxury to your daily routine.

Perfect for Businesses: Elevate Your Brand’s Sustainability

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and businesses committed to sustainability will find our Coconut Soap Dispenser an ideal addition to their amenities. It’s more than just a soap supplying device; it’s a testament to your brand’s eco-consciousness and commitment to responsible sourcing.

Customizable with your branding or logo, our dispenser offers a cohesive and eco-friendly experience for your guests. Make a lasting impression by embracing sustainability with our exquisite soap dispenser.

Empowering Women, Building Communities

Our Coconut Soap Dispenser is a product with purpose. It’s handcrafted by a women’s savings group in India, a group of artisans who are not just crafting soap dispensers but also shaping their own destinies. This initiative empowers these women with financial independence and opportunities for personal growth.

By choosing our dispenser, you are not only making a conscious choice for sustainability but also supporting positive change in the lives of these artisans and their communities. It’s a small but impactful step toward a brighter future.

Join the Sustainable Movement: Embrace Our Coconut Soap Dispenser

Whether it’s for your personal use, to enhance your home’s aesthetics, or to elevate your business’s eco-friendly image, our Coconut Soap Dispenser offers a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and social impact. It’s a choice you can be proud of—one that leaves a positive impact on the environment and empowers women.

Transform your daily routine into a sustainable ritual with our Coconut Soap Dispenser. It’s more than just a soap dispenser; it’s a symbol of conscious living and a commitment to making the world a better place, one elegant push at a time.


Sakhi Mahila Bachat Gat

Sakhi Mahila Bachat Gat is a young collective established in October 2023, with its goal to help women become financially independent by working together. It consists of 12 women currently and plans to expand and empower more women to save and work together towards making sustainable products for everyone
Sakhi Mahila Bachat Gat

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