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Remember those summer afternoons when mum and aunts chatted away as they put the mangoes out to dry in the sun? The terrace abuzz with aromas of love and labour.

Those memories are here again in this pot waiting to soak your taste buds. Have it at leisure because this isn’t something you will be able to put down in a hurry.

It multitasks. Like mum.

Love. Childhood Memories. Raw Mango. Garlic. Ginger. Green Chilly. Onion Seeds. Carom Seeds. Salt. Mustard Oil

No colours, no artificial flavours. Made with love to store with love in a cool dry place.


mum made it

The purest of ingredients and lots of love. These original recipes are straight out of mum’s kitchen with a little improvisation here and there (with her permission ofcourse). Freshest of ingredients painstakingly sorted, patiently mixed and each food accent is lovingly created over many months. If love had a taste, we are pretty sure this is how it would be. From mum’s kitchen to yours, this is pure love (and a whole lot of indulgence) in a jar. We suggest you pick two because we know one would never be enough. mum made it has lovingly created, original food accents that can be enjoyed multi-way. Let us know how you enjoyed yours.
mummadeit - 150px

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