Wooden Kitchen Spatulas


Mirai Woods


These Wooden Kitchen Spatulas are available in a Set of 4.

Handmade in Sheesham Wood, wooden spatulas are the most lovable tool in kitchenware segment.

These spatulas are always safe for your cooking tools like frying pans, ceramic cookware & cast iron cookware.

Apart from its safety benefits, these spatulas add so much to your kitchen aesthetics.




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Apart from this, Mirai Woods has a lot of other handcrafted products. They are excellent for Kitchen Use and general-purpose home decor. Their products are highly durable and aesthetic. The Spatulas are a proof of their exquisite craftsmanship. The average length of these Wooden Spatulas is about 12 inches. These Wooden Kitchen Spatulas can be used as Serveware and also as basic Cutlery. They are perfect for outdoor lunches & picnics too. Wooden articles tend to give a rustic look. Though they may not last longer than those made out of Steel, they are known for their excellent heat resistance qualities

Care Instructions:

  1. Do not use harsh detergents while washing them
  2. Leave the Spatulas to dry immediately after washing
  3. Discard after cracks start to develop

The average life of these is easily above 5 years


Mirai Woods

Being roused by the adaptable, customary & since ages followed culture with the significance of handiwork culture, Mirai Woods has loved venturing into the universe of craftsmanship items to the local & global markets. Mirai Woods focuses on giving monetary upliftment to craftsmen that are associated with saving the legacy of the painstaking artisan industry in India
Mirai Woods