Aham Svarupa Round Serving Tray


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Mirai Woods


“Aham svarupa” in sanskrit means one’s true nature. This one word comes into mind when you find a piece made in its complete raw nature. We have omitted any kind of art on this piece to give it a rudimentary look.

“Aham svarupa” Round Serving Tray has 14 inches diameter.

The product is quite a maintenance free product but keep in mind a few key point,
1. Wash is with mild detergent.
2. Do not use scrub on the product.
3. Use minerals oil once or twice in a month to amplify its life span.


Mirai Woods

Being roused by the adaptable, customary & since ages followed culture with the significance of handiwork culture, Mirai Woods has loved venturing into the universe of craftsmanship items to the local & global markets. Mirai Woods focuses on giving monetary upliftment to craftsmen that are associated with saving the legacy of the painstaking artisan industry in India
Mirai Woods