Hand-Painted Mango Wooden Platter


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Mirai Woods


Create an eye-catchy display for your guests. This amazing platter is made in Mango Wood and the artisan has given a black painted finish on the outer-frame, giving it a soothing look. From creating an assorted home-made sandwich display to a systematically arranged salad-plate, the platter is big enough to carry all of it

This Facile Hand-painted Mango Wooden Platter must be a part of your Serveware! The curve from the base toward the handle allows you to carry your food easily.

For ensuring maximum product-life, keep in mind the following:

  1. Do not leave wet, dry as soon as you rinse it
  2. Do not use scrub
  3. Keep it away from abraisives


Mirai Woods

Being roused by the adaptable, customary & since ages followed culture with the significance of handiwork culture, Mirai Woods has loved venturing into the universe of craftsmanship items to the local & global markets. Mirai Woods focuses on giving monetary upliftment to craftsmen that are associated with saving the legacy of the painstaking artisan industry in India
Mirai Woods