Rajasthani Mustache Hand-painted Wooden Kulhad Stand


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Mirai Woods


A big mustache is the valor of royal people. Keeping in mind we bring you a traditional kulhad stand for a good “chai shai time”. On one face our artisan has designed a typical Rajasthani mustache. This is amazing traditional hand-painted Kulhad stand for gossip loving people.

The handle is in blue color with amazing leaf designs. This must be a true love for nukkad guys.
A very distinct product for serving tea than the usual stands. The “Rajasthani Mustache” Hand-Painted Wooden Kulhad Stand can be used by everyone like at homes, Mocha, Espresso coffee etc to bring new flavor on the table.


Mirai Woods

Being roused by the adaptable, customary & since ages followed culture with the significance of handiwork culture, Mirai Woods has loved venturing into the universe of craftsmanship items to the local & global markets. Mirai Woods focuses on giving monetary upliftment to craftsmen that are associated with saving the legacy of the painstaking artisan industry in India
Mirai Woods

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 cm